Meet Kelly

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Kelly. 19.

I’m Kelly and I’m the island bee of the group! I am a half Japanese, half drama queen from Honolulu, Hawaii. My obsessions include: Disney, Netflix, trivia nights, sorority life, green tea, ukuleles and dogs.

So far, I have traveled to London (England), Paris (France), Limburg (Germany), Tokyo / Hakone (Japan), Nassau / Cape Town / Kruger National Park (South Africa),  Lima / Cusco / Machu Picchu / The Amazon (Peru), and multiple states in the US. I think we can easily conclude here that I love traveling. I’m currently in Rome for a study abroad program! Get ready for lots of pictures.

I moved to Chicago in 2013 to study Advertising and PR. Yes, I turned into a popsicle my first year here (thanks Chiberia…) but I love this city and everything it offers.

With all these big changes in such a short time, it’s nice to have a place that will experience this with me. Plus, I’m co-blogging with the best girls ever, so life is pretty good.

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We are three college Communications majors from very different parts of the country who all managed to end up in the alluring, charming and enchanting city of Chicago. This blog is our way of expanding our communications skills in addition to voicing our opinions. Enjoy!



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