Life Of Pie: Berries and Cream Pie Recipe

Ever heard the phrase, “Easy as pie?” Whoever coined that has defs made this pie before. Seriously. It’s so easy. In the summer when my friends are like “let’s have a baked goods potluck” (which happens more than you’d think BTW) this is my go to recipe because it takes around an hour to make and isn’t hard at all. If you can whip cream and turn on an oven, you can make this pie. If you can’t do those things, find someone who can (or use that handy thing called google) and you’re golden.

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Whoopie for Moms!

Okay so first I’d like to apologize for that terrible pun, but really bad puns are my favorite thing so it’s something you’ll get used to.

So being the fabulous (and modest) daughter that I am, I cook dinner for my mom yearly on Mother’s Day. Usually my older sister and I tag team it, but this year she’s studying abroad in London so I was on my own.

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