DC: Darlingly Cozy

Happy March!

Thankfully spring is right around the corner. I love the winter and snow, but this year has been particularly hard. Warm summer breezes, the beach and the hot sun are calling for me…

Last week was spring break for us bees! (Minus Kelly-who is enjoying hers this week. Don’t worry, she will share all about her travels soon!)

I decided to use the time off to visit my best friend, Beth, who goes to school at George Washington University in Washington D.C. I only stayed for about three days, so Beth and I fit all the sightseeing we could into those days. I also took a ton of pictures and only finished going through them today! The dangers of me and a camera are endless…

Disclaimer: I am a history nerd. I love the presidents and first ladies and everything that has to do with American history, so this trip was a long awaited one for me. I had never been to D.C., so my stomach was in jumbles practically the entire trip. Beth had to put up with me fangirling the whole time.

Day 1: I landed in D.C. and made it to Beth’s residence hall around 5 p.m. For dinner we went to get grilled cheeses (my main meal of choice always) and then walked around the sights. First we passed the White House. I almost cried. Then we went around to the Washington Monument and back to her room because it was freezing and our legs were numb.

The White House (with an awesome Snapchat filter).

The White House (with an awesome Snapchat filter).

Day 2: We got started around noon and went straight to the National Mall. We hit up the American History Museum first. When I saw that they had an exhibit on the Presidents I practically ran. There we saw various clothes and items owned and worn by past Presidents, as well as dresses worn by the First Ladies (including Jacqueline Kennedy’s pale yellow, one shoulder dress she wore to a state dinner and Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball dress). We then went to the Air and Space Museum before walking through the information building because it was beautiful. It was late afternoon then and we needed warm coffee for our cold, aching souls (it looks like it was warm but it definitely was not). Off to the Sculpture Garden we went and got coffee and muffins in the cafe. We didn’t know what to do next, so when we finally left the cafe (after about two hours because it was so cozy) we walked a little and ended up at the National Archive building to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They were so cool! A lot of the signatures were faded, but I could make out a few such as John Hancock and John Adams. After that it was back to the Washington Monument and then to the World War II Memorial. Because it was so cold, the fountains in the monument were not on. We snapped a quick picture under Kentucky and then went back to the Lincoln Monument. It was super crowded but we got to see Abe before making our way to Beth’s room. That night we ate at a great place called Founding Farmers. We were starving once they brought out our bread and brie, and couldn’t decide between a number of things on the menu for our entree. Beth settled on a cheeseburger and I went with a grilled cheese with ham, tomato soup and green beans. I ate it all and thought I was going to pass out.

Day 3: On Sunday we woke up and ventured to Bus Boys and Poets, a brunch place on 14th and V Street. This place is so great because there is a book store in the restaurant. You can buy books and eat brunch at the same place. Revolutionary. Anyway, we were seated at a little table for two in the window and immediately ordered Thin Mint Lattes. Thin Mint Lattes. My favorite girl scout cookie mixed into a latte. Heaven. Beth and I both got eggs, toast, fruit and bacon and sat at our table long after we paid. I’m pretty sure our waitress was wondering when the two girls who ordered the same thing were going to leave. We finally gave up our table and walked outside. It had been sleeting while we were eating, but we didn’t realize how much ice had fallen from the sky. I was slipping everywhere because the sidewalk was solid ice. We got on the Metro train and got off to go to Georgetown. The walk was brutal. Our ultimate destination was Georgetown Cupcakes, but that was quite a ways away. So we just stopped in just about every store on our way there to avoid almost falling with every step. Finally we got to the crowded cupcake store and got two to go. We spent the rest of the afternoon inside in the warmth enjoying tea and our pasteries.

Monday saw me getting on a plane to Kentucky (where it snowed about 10 inches on Wednesday–so much for spring break).

Overall I loved D.C. and can’t wait to go back when it is warmer! there are still so many things I didn’t get to see.

Look for a post from Kelly soon and happy travels!



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