The Five Things You Must Eat in Rome

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but there’s a very good reason! I’m studying in Rome: The Eternal City, the land of gelato, and the backdrop of the Oscar-worthy film, “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” This is what (my) dreams are made of. Get ready for some Europe-heavy posts!

Now that I’ve clarified my disappearance from this blog, I’d like to win you back with some food tips in Rome. Have I been forgiven yet? I think so. Here are the five things you must eat in Rome (a college student’s perspective):


Let me get the obvious answer out of the way first. Gelato has become a staple in my diet here, and I have never been happier. If you’re in the heart of Rome, you’ll see a gelateria on every corner. If you have the chance, try the Frigidarium near Piazza Navona; they have a gelato flavor that tastes like Dunkaroos. If you can’t make it there, go to another gelateria and try my favorite flavor: Stracciatella. Stracciatella is a milk-based ice cream mixed with chocolate flakes. Yummmmm. If you’re trying to find an authentic gelateria, look at their pistachio flavor. If it’s bright green, it’s not authentic. If the pistachio flavor has a faded green color, you have a better chance of eating authentic gelato.


Okay, hear me out! I know it sounds like a weird combo, but I have gone out of my way TWICE this week to eat pear pasta. That’s how good it is. You can find it at Osteria dell’Anima (also located by Piazza Navona).

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 6.28.15 PM

I know I’m being Captain Obvious here, but you haven’t tasted a real pizza till you come to Italy. If you’re a thin crust fan, you’ll be hooked. If you’re like me who prefers the fatty, pan-crust deliciousness that is American pizza, you’ll leave pleasantly surprised (and addicted). Try avoiding touristy areas to get an authentic taste. If someone is shoving a menu in your face to eat at their pizzeria, avoid them.

This is less of a food item, and more of a “food experience.” Apertivo (to me) is the Rome version of “happy hour.” In Rome’s version, you purchase a drink at the bar and get to enjoy a free all-you-can-eat buffet with it. Heaven. My friends and I tried apertivo at Fluid, a bar by Piazza Navona, and loved it. This may also become a part of my diet here.



I don’t think I can take Subway seriously anymore! Paninis are ideal for the hungry college student on a budget. They’re filling, delicious, and easy on the wallet! I normally get a salami and cheese Panini. However, there are many other (delicious) options to pick from.

What other things should I try in Rome? Let me know; I got a couple more months to go! Also, I’ll venture out from Piazza Navona to give you more tips around Rome.

A presto!



3 thoughts on “The Five Things You Must Eat in Rome

  1. travelleah says:

    The pear pasta sounds amazing! Wish I would have tried that. One thing you could add or try if you haven’t is a spritz! It’s a sparking wine mixed with Aperol and sparking water. They are absolutely amazing!

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