A Farewell to Parenthood

Hi, there will be a LOT of spoilers in this post about the final episode and season in general of Parenthood because I am trying to process my emotions and I can’t do that unless spoilers. You’ve been warned, read at your own risk.

With this being a very emotional week for television (hello did anyone watch Criminal Minds, was not expecting that one to be so emotional but this post isn’t about that), I knew Thursday night would be rough. Parenthood was ending. I’m basically a puddle of emotions because it was so happy, so sad, and so bittersweet.

Before Parenthood if you asked me what the best series finale of a show was, I would probably tell you The Office because it was fantastic and left me as a puddle of emotions as well, but I’m not sure I think Parenthood might have just taken the top spot on my list.

Seriously, I could not have asked for a better finale for the best show. I love Parenthood so so so much and I really didn’t want it to leave me (talking about this in past tense is KILLING ME SOMEONE HELP).

This show was so great, and my absolute favorite and I’m so sad that it’s over. You can read my full thoughts about the show here, and now the rest of the article will be me crying about my favorite moments from the episode.

Spoilers ahead:

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 2.14.35 PM

Texts from the beginning and end of the episode (the ice cream didn’t help)

1. The wedding:

Hank talking to Zeek, Drew’s best man speech, the family dancing, it was so perfect and so Braverman. The photo montage of the Bravermans. Camille and Zeek “We did good” UGG. I’m also really happy Sarah is finally happy, it was so perfect.


I’m so obsessed with this family. They’re so perfect and now they have it all and I have a lot of feelings. God the scene in season 3 when Zoe decided to keep her baby and Julia was heartbroken but completely understanding and didn’t resent Zoe was so powerful, and now they have 2 new babies. When Joel told Julia “She’s Victor’s sister, she’s already ours” I lost it. They’re so perfect and now their family is perfect and mirrors the original Bravermans I’m very emotional about Joel and Julia.

3. Haddie and Max:

UGG that scene killed me. It was short and sweet, but it was perfect. Also I’m really emotional about Max. He’s developed so much over the course of the series and I feel like a proud mother watching him develop. I’m very happy.

4. Amber

My lovely baby Amber. I love her so much. I’m kind of obsessed with Mae Whitman and Parenthood has only made that worse. Amber has a baby and a happy life. She’s dating/married (it was unclear which) to another single dad, and on good terms with Ryan. She’s another character that has developed so much. Even from last season she’s changed so much. Her getting to run the Lunchonette with Crosby makes me so happy.

5. The ending montage

I’m super sad about Zeek. I knew it was going to happen but I didn’t want to admit it. I even looked at the clock and was like “oh there’s only 10 minutes left of the episode, I guess Zeek won’t die” and then had my heart ripped from my chest. As sad as it was, the baseball game and the flash to the future. The baseball game was so emotional, and I’m so happy to see that everyone was happy in the end, which is weird because my cynical soul usually hates happy endings. I guess Parenthood melts my icy heart. Camille gets to go to France, Julia and Joel, The Lunchonette thriving, Jasmine having another baby, Max graduating, it was all so great. Admittedly I did have to go back and watch it again because the first time watching it I missed a lot of things because I couldn’t see anything through my tears (seriously I was sobbing it was embarrassing).

If you couldn’t tell I’m really emotional about this series finale. This show was so great and I’m really sad it’s gone.

Goodbye Parenthood, I will miss you forever



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