Sunny Side Up with Jam n’ Honey

Good Morning!

I would argue that there is no better feeling than getting up early and getting a good breakfast. It is so energizing and motivational. I feel like I can get stuff done when I eat well.

It is good that I go to school in Chicago then, right? Right! It is the best city in America for breakfast food, and I have already been to a few places that were amazing. Just last week we tried a new place in Lincoln Park called Jam n’ Honey.

It is right on DePaul University’s campus, and not a far walk from the Fullerton Red Line station. The space inside is small, but cozy!

Of course we started off with coffee, and looked over the menu. They had options ranging from eggs to Nutella pancakes and Breakfast Chilaquiles. Quite the combo.

I ended up ordering a waffle with bananas on top and a dollop of their homemade butter. Here’s what it looked like:


Pretty mouthwatering am I right?!

It was delicious, especially when adding Nutella from our own personal jar on the table (we added Nutella to everything–toast, pancakes, even coffee).

Another favorite was blueberry oatmeal pancakes, ordered by my friend Emily.

Overall we all liked this place. It was filled with college aged people and families and the service was good too.

A goal we established for this semester is to go out to brunch more often, so get ready for more recommendations!



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