Shows You Should Be Watching: Parks and Recreation

I’m not the first person to say how utterly fantastic Parks and Recreation is, and I will not be the last, but I still feel that it needs to be said. With the first two episodes of the final season premiering on Tuesday 1/13 I can’t help but feel sad that this great show is coming to an end even though I haven’t been watching it for a long time.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that one of my biggest TV regrets was putting off watching The Office  until it was no longer airing. Thankfully I get to watch one season of Parks and Rec live.

Last year when I finished marathoning The Office on Netflix I felt a comedy hole in my life. I started Parks and Rec to fill that void. I started out slowly, but once I finished the first season I couldn’t stop watching and finished the show in record time. Since then I have also rewatched the entire show and eagerly awaited it’s return.

Seriously, this show is so great. It’s so funny without obviously trying to be funny. The smaller cast means each character gets great moments and is memorable. Plus, the character development is fantastic, which doesn’t always happen on comedies.

The characters have all grown so much and it makes me so happy. As funny as this show is, it’s become just as much about the characters as it has about that jokes. I think that’s why it’s so funny, because we get to know the characters so well, that everything they do becomes even funnier.

The first season isn’t nearly as great as the rest of the series, so give it time to develop. That being said, don’t skip it because it has some great moments too.

Just watch this show. It has some of the best moments on TV. It’s insanely quotable and one of the only shows I actually laugh out loud when I watch it. Even on my rewatches I still crack up.

I wanted to list all of my favorite episodes, but then I realized I couldn’t because all of them are great and a list of my favorite episodes would look something like this:

Basically, this show is the best and if you like happiness and joy, you should probably watch it because it’s so great.

So while it’s sad to see the show go, at least we have one more season to watch, and many more laughs to come.

Watch Parks and Recreation, it’s what Lil’ Sebastian would have wanted.

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC Tuesdays at 8/7c. Previous seasons are available on Netflix.



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