Concert Review: The 1975

Last Wednesday (November 5) the Bees went to go see The 1975 in concert in Chicago. The concert was at The Aragon Ballroom off of the Lawrence Redline stop.


I’ve been a fan of The 1975 for a while now. I think the summer before college I was listening to the radio in my car (Sirus XM Alt Nation FYI) and Chocolate came on. I searched the band on Spotify when I got home, and listened to the couple of songs they had available (this was before their album had been released) and have been a fan ever since. I was always more of a passive fan for a while, until the begining of last summer, where they became pretty much the only band I would listen to while driving. Anytime I drove someone, that’s the band I would plug into my iPod.

I knew seeing them in concert would be incredible, but I honestly had no idea how incredible of an experience would be. I would compare seeing The 1975 in concert to a religious experience. I almost cried about 6 times. Most notable would be when they played “You” which is 100% my absolute favorite song by the band.

My sister had seen them a couple days before I did when they were in Canada and she texted me when then concert was over raving about how great it was. When I asked her what songs they played she responded “everything.” I assumed she was exaggerating, but she was not.

The concert its self was kind of short, but I can’t even complain because I have no idea how they would make it longer. Along with being incredible live, the atmosphere of the concert was amazing (they filled the room with smoke, and had awesome lights) and Matty is an incredible stage performer. The whole band had great energy and the concert was everything I could hope for and more.

In conclusion, seeing The 1975 live is a religious experience.

photo 4

Have you accepted Matt Healy as your Lord and Savior?


I don’t know why this seems to be a common theme for me (ref: Clean Bandit and Nick Jonas), but I only knew two of The 1975’s songs going into the concert. I discovered the band through Tumblr (shocker) around Christmastime last year, and the song “Girls” quickly became a playlist staple of mine.

I didn’t know much about The 1975 artist-wise either. All I knew was that they have had a black and white theme going on with their first album. Why? Ask Colleen or Amanda. Anyway, the one fact I knew about them was fully incorporated into the concert. I don’t know how they did it, but it felt like all the color drained from the stage and I was watching them perform through black and white lenses. Very cool.

The presentation on stage was beautiful. I loved the way the lights went along with the song, and the album cover’s frequent appearance through lighting… it was a techie’s dream come true.

Matt Healy, the lead singer of The 1975 lived up to the “rockstar” expectations of mine; at one point he had a bottle in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other while talking to us. He also kissed a very happy fan during the song “Robbers,” which sent Tumblr into a frenzy. Apparently, that was her first kiss! I wish I could say a famous lead singer was my first kiss but life isn’t fair.

I believe that seeing a band live can make or break your opinion of them. Seeing The 1975 live will not ruin your opinion of them. The music was great, Matt was on point (a remarkable feat considering his drunkenness) and everyone I’ve talked to since the concert speak highly of the night. They’re more than worth your money. Just get there early so you can get a good spot (and a kiss?)


Wow. I had been waiting for this concert since December of last year…that is 11 months. Yes, 11 months. Back over the summer when I heard that they would be in Chicago in November I knew I had to see them. Like Colleen I have known about the 1975 for a while. I believe it was towards the end of my senior year in high school when my friend Beth introduced them to me. It was right after their EP came out with Chocolate, The City and Sex. I immediately fell in love with The City. Then all of the sudden they had a whole album out and I can never decide which song of their’s is my favorite because one day it will be Pressure, but then the next it’s Robbers, but then there’s Heart Out and Settle Down and You and Me and now they just released Medicine and I listened to it for six hours straight that same day.

Long story short, I couldn’t wait for the concert. Truth be told, I was a little nervous. This was because I knew that unlike most of the concerts I have been to lately (One Direction mainly), I wouldn’t be the tallest person there. I was correct in this but it was all good. Also, a perk of being tall and going to concerts is that you can reach above the crowd to take pictures. I got some good ones!


Adam killing that keyboard. I really like the lighting in this picture. The room was so smokey that the lights were pretty mesmerizing.

Adam killing that keyboard. I really like the lighting in this picture. The room was so smokey that the lights were pretty mesmerizing.


The concert was everything I could have ever dreamed it would be. They are amazing live. Matty was just incredible. He downed a whole bottle of wine and was a little wobbly while walking around the stage, however, when it came time to sing he was steady and flawless. The rest of the band was awesome too. It was so cool seeing Adam and Ross create those sounds on their keyboards that you hear in songs such as Money. *heart eyes emoji*

I can’t wait to see what comes next for them! A new album? Another tour? Hiring me as the band’s official photographer allowing me to travel the world with them????

You can find videos of the concert by searching “1975 aragon chicago” on YouTube. Also be sure to buy their album on iTunes!


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