Movies and Magic: The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Last March I went to London for Spring Break to visit my sister who was there studying abroad. While this was my second time being in London, it was still super cool to get to go back.

One of the notable thing that my family did while there was take the Warner Brothers Studio Tour

“The Making of Harry Potter.”

Initially, we were supposed to go in the morning, but then my dad messed up the tickets and we almost didn’t get to go at all (seriously, worst 30 minutes of my life while we waited to figure it out). But then we worked with the people and got it figured out and ended up going a couple days later.

I’ve been a Harry Potter pretty much since I’ve been alive (okay since kindergarten, but still that’s a long time).

Personally, I think the tour appeals to anyone who’s a Harry Potter fan, and people who aren’t necessarily fans. Neither of my parents have really had a huge interest in Harry Potter, but it’s really incredible just to see how much detail went into the movies. The artistry alone is pretty much magical. I took about 7,000 pictures while there, so below I’ll attach a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Basically, you start  by watching a short film about the influence and phenomenon of Harry Potter. From there, you move into the Great Hall and see the decorations and costumes in there. Then you’re on your own to wander through the exhibit. The next room has most of the props from the movie. Like I said, the attention to detail is incredible. From there, you can wander to see more costumes and props from the movies, as well as an exhibit on the special effects and green screen (you can pay to get your picture taken on a broomstick playing Quidditch. Then you move outside to see all the large props, and can buy some food and butterbeer (so good). Then you move to the makeup room, where you see the masks and wax figures used in the movies. The final stop of the tour is to see the scale model of Hogwarts that they used to film the exterior scenes. It was incredible to see.

They will occasionally have special promotions, the first time my sister went they were doing and “animal actors” special, where they had different animals that were in the movie there. For Halloween I think they did a special on Death Eaters, and for the winter they’re doing a special on “Hogwarts in the Snow.”

More info about the tour can be found here, but if you’re a fan of Harry Potter or really freaking cool details and artistry that goes into movies I would 100% recommend checking it out.



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