3 Tips to Make Class Registration Easier

Class registration is arguably the worst time of the school year. There’s nothing worse than having a perfect schedule set, only to watch all the classes fill up as the week goes on. As an experienced professional class registerer (lol JK, i have no idea what I’m doing), I figured I would share some of my vast knowledge to make life easier during this stressful time.

Note: These tips are based on my personal experience and the way my school handles registration. I realize it is possible that some schools register differently, and these tips may not apply. Again, this is based on my personal experience and my school’s system for class registration.

1. Create multiple schedules before hand. 

I know how easy it is to find the perfect schedule and not make any others, but chances are at least one class will fill up before you have get to register (at least for freshman and sophomore year). Create backup schedules (I usually make at least 3 alternatives) so you aren’t panicking to find something when it comes time to register.

2. Keep an eye on the classes you want leading up to your registration time. 

My school lets you click on the class you want and see how many seats the class has total, how many people are currently enrolled, and how many seats are available. This is helpful because you can keep track of the classes that are filling up quickly. If you don’t register until Thursday, and by Tuesday a class has only one seat left, you can be prepared to rearrange your plans a little bit. Also keep checking after registration/during registration if a class you really wanted to take closes, because people drop classes and open up spots.

3. Don’t let Rate My Professor make you choices for you

It’s tempting to avoid a class that has a low rated professor, but don’t let this be the only reason you put off a class you need. I’ve taken classes with low rated professors, and really enjoyed the class. I’ve also taken classes with really well rated professors and not enjoyed it at all. It’s key to actually read the reviews. I’ve seen professors become low rated just because they actually take attendance. Take the reviews with a grain of salt because its usually the people who have something bad to say that leave reviews. If you find a class you really want to take, don’t let a bad Rate My Professor review stop you from taking it.

Good luck!



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