Pumpkin Patch Adventures

One of my favorite activities growing up that my family and I did every fall before Halloween was go to the pumpkin patch. Some of my fondest memories involve riding tractors, hay mazes, face paint, gourds and trying to find the biggest pumpkin in the whole patch.

Even as a 19 year-old a few weeks ago during fall break I was bouncing in my seat as my dad, sister and I drove to the same patch we went to years before. “That’s the Dairy Queen!” “That’s the pond!” “I remember that sign!”

Both my dad and sister were rolling their eyes after even a few minutes of me babbling like a kid about everything I remembered about the 30-40 minute drive to Starlight, Indiana and Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Orchard.

Obviously going to the pumpkin patch is something a lot of people do in the fall, so I won’t bore you with every detail about my recent trip. What I will tell you though is that I picked out a great pumpkin, carved it the next day and was very proud of my creation. However, my dad texted me a few days after I got back to school to tell me that something ate my pumpkin. 😦 He found out who the culprit was and it was none other than a squirrel. I knew I couldn’t trust those menaces.

Below are a lot of the pictures I took on that beautiful fall day. Be sure to click on the picture to read the captions and learn more about Huber’s! Also, I really encourage everyone to visit a pumpkin patch before it gets too cold. They are great places to go to on a nice fall day and picking out pumpkins is always a better time than buying one at the grocery store. Be sure to look for Kelly’s Halloween Playlist in Thursday’s post!


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