Sleep Less, Eat More: Insomnia Cookies

The literal definition of college, we three bees have learned, is sleep less, eat more. Basically, college revolves around late nights and always being hungry.

When we visited Lincoln Park a few weeks ago, we decided to check out Insomnia Cookies. Started in 2003 by a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Insomnia Cookies has taken over college campuses on the east coast and mid west. What’s so special about this place? Well, besides selling many different kinds of hot, fresh cookies, they are open until 3am AND deliver!


From the outside

Yes, that’s right, they are open until 3 in the morning and will personally drive your cookies to you. Remember the definition of college-late nights and always being hungry? Well Insomnia Cookies is the cure for both of these. Parents: you can also order cookies online and have them sent to others! Aka, we love you a bunch and you should surprise us with cookies every now and then!

PSA: they were super hot and delicious.

PSA: they were super hot and delicious.

During our trip the four of us (the three bees and our friend Mercedes) decided to buy a dozen cookies and split the cost, which meant each of us got three cookies and only had to pay around $4 each. There were so many to choose from!

We each got different kinds of cookies, detailed below:


I decided to try a chocolate chip, sugar and an M&M. They all were heaven in cookie form. The chocolate chip was gooey, chocolately, and melted in my mouth, as did the sugar. The M&M was also amazing. If I were there to buy only one cookie I would have gotten a chocolate chip with ice cream-WHICH IS A THING THEY DO!

I already can’t wait to go back because there are so many other flavors I want to try. I also want to try out the ice cream and cookie option, and enjoy that deadly combo with some milk (which they sell too)!

Here is Kelly holding our purchase.

Here is Kelly holding our purchase.


I got two Snickerdoodles and one Double Chocolate Chip Mint Cookie. Snickerdoodles are my all time favorite type of cookies. These did not disappoint. I ate one when we first got them, and it was perfect. The best kind of Snickerdoodle is one that is super crispy on the outside, but when you bite into it you get a nice doughy, gooey center. These were exactly that. Super warm, soft, and amazing. They even were still soft and perfect the second day (which is when I ate my second Snickerdoodle). The chocolate chip mint one was kind of a gamble, because it could have been good or bad. But it did not disappoint. The chocolate and mint perfectly balanced each other, without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Overall, these were fantastic cookies, and like Amanda said I really want to try the ice cream sandwich option.


I got the classic chocolate chip and an M&M cookie that night cause I’m a plain Jane. I can’t begin to talk about how good those cookies were… I’m positive the cookie gods heard my prayers for melt-in-your-mouth goodies. I do wish they had a seating area to eat, but the company is known as a delivery service. We grabbed the one counter they had and binged on our dozen. Also, they have cookie cakes on the menu… That sounds like heaven. Next time. What are portions?

Although our school is just out of the delivery range for the Lincoln Park location, it wasn’t a bad walk from the train station and we have already talked about going back!


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