Travel Tuesday: Lincoln Park

A few weeks ago before the 40 days and 40 nights of flooding began in Chicago (it’s been raining here for a few days now but it feels like it has been 40) Kelly, Colleen and I, as well as our friend Mercedes, ventured to Lincoln Park, a neighborhood just north of downtown Chicago.

We love Lincoln Park, as it is the home to Urban Surplus, a special Urban Outfitters Surplus store. We frequented the clothing shop quite a lot last year because they have such cheap stuff. We hadn’t been this year, so because of the nice weather and the thought of cheap, cute clothing, we hopped on the Red Line and got off at Fullerton.

After we didn’t find anything to buy, we decided to head east, not having a specific destination in mind.

Let me just say, the views of the city from Lincoln Park are incredible!

(Instead of clogging my Instagram feed I decided to post all my pictures here)


Right after I took this picture we found a little pond, right behind the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was so cute!


It had a little hut and tons of plants.


And the sky looked amazing.


As did the pond and the rocks and my converse.


When we left the pond we headed over behind the zoo and found a park. It looked like this and had a hella good view of the skyline:


This little park was so cute and had the most beautiful fountain.


Apartment goals:


It was a beautiful late afternoon/evening. Although we did not go into the zoo on this particular day, we have been before. Last semester about nine of us rented bikes through our school and rode them down Lake Shore Drive. We ended up going to the zoo that day and it was a blast! It is free admission, so if you are in the area, I suggest you go and see the animals!

There are also tons of restaurants, cafes, shops and parks around Lincoln Park that are awesome! It is definitely a place to see if you are visiting Chicago, and is easy to get to from downtown. Plus, the beaches here are fun, too.

Check back on Friday when we will be reviewing Insomnia Cookies (which we went to on this trip and is also located in Lincoln Park)!



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