Concert Buzz: Nick Jonas in Chicago


You don’t know how long I have waited to see Nick Jonas live. I had a crush on Nick ever since he and his brothers sang the American Dragon theme song on Disney Channel. That was almost 10 years ago…. And now I’m an adult with the same tweeny-bop crush. So when Nick decided to stop in Chicago for his tour, I was hovering over the “buy tickets” button minutes before the box office opened.

His concert did not disappoint. I can’t say that I’m shocked he was good live; he did get his start on Broadway. A lot of his music was new so it was hard to sing along, but when you’re in a crowd of girls that grew up listening the Jonas Brothers like you, the energy is always high.


Nick performed at the Bottom Lounge, which my friend and I got horribly lost trying to find. First of all, we didn’t realize that there’s a difference between the Ashland-Lake stop and the Ashland/63rd stop. That was mistake number one, and made us pretty late for the concert. For future reference, the Bottom Lounge is off Ashland-Lake. The second mistake was trying to rely on a GPS with bad cell service. Do your research!

My friend and I were able to get a spot in three quarters the way back, which is considerably lucky since we got there 15 minutes before the concert started. While in line, my friend said, “Isn’t it great that this show is 17+? Now we won’t have to deal with the preteen Jonas Brothers fans!” I agreed, but then I realized… We were the preteens. It’s not 2007 anymore, and all the “preteens” are adults just like us. What a punch in the gut.


Soon the lights started to dim and the music for “Chains” started to play. Everyone is screaming. I started screaming. Then Nick walked out, the screaming level tripled and I started to cry. I. CRIED. I was not expecting that kind of response from myself. It was overwhelming; there was Nick Jonas in the flesh about to sing live. He was in the same room as me. Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara or else the whole concert would have been a mess.

After “Chains,” we got to hear songs from his upcoming album, a Jonas Brothers throwback (A Little Bit Longer anyone?) and covers of “Crazy” and “Stay With Me.” There was a song called Teacher from his upcoming album that I really enjoyed. Also, “Crazy” complimented his voice so well that I fell in love. Again. A lot of girls freaked out when he sang A Little Bit Longer. Personally, I was looking forward to a sexy, acoustic version of “Burnin’ Up,” but I guess that’ll stay in my dreams.


Favorite moment? Nick’s pictures for Flaunt Magazine came out the same day as the Chicago concert. Naturally, everyone was looking at a boxer clad Nick on their phones right before the show. It resulted in a lot of “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!” comments. He then made a joke like, “Hey guys, it’s only about the music tonight, right?” and half the room yells, “NO!”

Although most of the music was new, I enjoyed the concert. He was hitting some high notes live that I thought only auto tune could reach. Nick proved his star power that night with his range and stage presence.

Nick is currently on tour before his November 11 CD release. If he’s coming to your town, get some tickets! The inner preteen in me was glad I went. Yours will too.



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