Adventuring Connecticut Part 2: Used Bookstores

I love used book stores more than most things in this life. Well I really love book stores in general, and used ones always have such a cool vibe going that they’re extra awesome. Luckily, not to far from where I live (when I’m in Connecticut, which currently I am not) the historic downtown area of Bethel has 2 different used book stores within walking distance of each other. Which is super cool.

Also downtown Bethel is an adorable area and I really wish my town had a downtown area and it makes me sad to go to downtown Bethel because I see what I’m missing.

I’ve been to these book stores twice, the first time with my friend Hayley at the end of our senior year of high school, and the second time this summer with my friend Angela.

I’d been to the Bethel area before because they had one of my favorite frozen yogurt places Peachwave and for a while, it was the only location. But once one opened in my town I stopped going and stopped exploring.

Then Hayley and I decided we wanted to go to the used bookstores and check out Bethel. We went when we got out of school which was like 12:30 since we didn’t have a last period so we got lunch/brunch at this awesome place Jaqueline’s.

When I went with Angela, we went late afternoon and planned on getting coffee, but misinterpreted the coffee shop we had selected, because it’s actually a roasters, not a coffee shop (also they were closed when we got there). So we wandered around and found a juice bar called “Juice Barre” in a converted dance studio (hence the punny name). I had just gotten off a shift at work and hadn’t eaten for a while so I got a smoothie and an Avocado bowl. The avocado bowl was really weird but really yummy (basically it’s honey, almonds, cranberries, and granola, and banana, mixed with mashed avocado). So if you’re ever in the area and want food before checking out some used books stores, I just gave you three places.

The first book store we went to is Relay Bookhouse.


This place is seriously a maze of books. From the second you walk in you’re surrounded by books. There isn’t an inch of wall that isn’t covered. It’s a little overwhelming but also amazing. The store is a mix of new and used books so keep an eye on that when looking at the prices.

You can sell back your books here to get store credit. It’s cash only so bring some cash if you plan on buying something from there! They have a huge selection. One of my favorites was the section of Harry Potter books, from all over the world. They had the original English editions, as well as some in different languages and different American editions.



For more information, visit their website:

The other is Rainy Day Paperback Exchange


This store is a little more organized, but still has a huge selection and is super cute. The store feels homey and cute, and makes you wish it was raining (sadly the day I went it was perfectly sunny, a shame). Also the day that I went there as  dog there, which was great because books + dogs are all I need for happiness (and apparently, the dog is a regular employee of the store).

This store also accepts used books for store credit (as the name implies). Also college students take notes because they buy and sell textbooks for cheap, so that’s always nice.

Check out their website:

and their tumblr: 

If you’re ever in the Bethel area definitely check out the historic downtown area because it’s great and has a lot of fun book stores and yummy food to offer. What else can you need?




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