The College Chef: Mango Banana Smoothies!

Living on your own can be difficult, but for me, making food is even harder. With that in mind, TBB will be providing some simple, quick recipes you can make at home or in the dorms. This week, Ellie (my roommate) and I made a mango banana smoothie!

Note: This recipe will make you one big cup

What you’ll need:

-A blender

-Frozen Mango Chunks

-One Banana

-Vanilla Yogurt

-Orange Juice


1. Grab a handful of mango chunks and throw it in the blender

2. Break one banana up and throw it in the blender


3. Add the yogurt. You can play it by ear like Ellie did, or you can spoon in half a cup!


4. Pour the orange juice in. Again, you can play it by ear like Ellie did or pour in half a cup.

5. Blend! On our machine, we clicked the “smoothie” or “whip” function.


6. Enjoy!


If you want any of the ingredients to taste stronger in your smoothie, adjust the recipe accordingly. Otherwise, enjoy your drink!




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