Where We Are Tour: 1D for Me

Last December I bought a ticket to see One Direction. Eight months later the day of the show had finally arrived, Friday August 29, 2014. To say I was excited is putting it lightly. I had waited eight months! Eight! It was well worth it though.

I went to the concert at Soldier Field here in Chicago with two of my friends, Mercedes and Chantal. It was a little muggy that day, but not too bad. Let me say that I would have still gone if it was 100 or 10 degrees. My devotion to the five British and Irish lads has been pretty strong ever since January of 2013.

It was my third time seeing One Direction and third time seeing their tour mates 5 Seconds of Summer too. This combination proved to be very popular and I think the addition of 5sos to the tour only increased attendance because who wouldn’t love four goofy yet utterly perfect Australians???

The trip down to the stadium took about 45 minutes, not including the half an hour we stopped to eat. We would have taken the bus all the way, however, there were so many people making their way down too that we were stuffed at the front of the bus while traffic was at a stand-still. So we got out and walked. None of us had any idea where in the stadium our seats were, but luckily we found them in time to sit back, relax, and wait for the four aussies to grace the stage with their beautiful faces. ❤

Not surprising, 5sos received monstrous screams when they came onto the stage around 7:15pm. They Looked So Perfect up there that I could hardly contain myself. While all of the Good Girls were wishing to have their Heartache [of seeing 5sos in person] On The Big Screen in the stadium, all of us girls over 18 saw our Teenage Dream in these four guys. As they sang about everything from a Heartbreak Girl to Amnesia, the crowd never looked away. Like I said, they are a key asset to the tour and I think they will have their own string of stadium shows soon. I will go see them anywhere! I met them last summer in Chicago and they are such nice guys who genuinely love their fans and who are such talented musicians who know what they want out of their music and are not afraid to go and get it! So, 5sos, What I Like About You is that you’re Out Of My Limit but I still want to be Beside You. So Don’t Stop what you’re doing—it is definitely working!

In the Moments waiting for One Direction to come on after 5sos finished their divine set, the crowd of 63,000 people danced not only to Dynamite and I’m Sexy And I Know It, but the Macarena as well. That was a sight to see! There was also a giant wave going around and around the stadium that was pretty darn cool.

C’mon, C’mon I thought Happily as the lights faded away and I looked Through The Dark for Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam the birthday boy! One Thing popped into my mind as their silhouettes came into view, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Amanda. It’s Right Now, stay Strong!

The music began and the five angels started to sing, Rocking Me to the core. Their frequent interactions with the crowd made me feel even more Alive, as did the Little Things they did while singing, such as Liam’s amazing dancing! My screams were Better Than any Words I could have said all throughout the concert. When 1D told me not knowing I am beautiful is What Makes You Beautiful, I knew how Princess Diana felt on her wedding day—like the most special girl in the world! Although they told some Little White Lies, such as “you, Chicago, are the loudest crowd yet!” (which couldn’t be true because they performed in front of 200,000 people in Dublin) they still captured my heart for the third time with their endless boyish charm. When each of their faces was shown on the big screen, all I could think was I want to Kiss You.

But soon they ran off stage and left 63,000 girls begging them to come back. The soft chords of You and I greeted 1D as they began the encore, and I thanked the lord above for more Midnight Memories.

Losing my voice at a concert is nothing new, but after that night it was worse. Ugh, Story of My Life.

My heart ached from my separation from all nine guys as the night trickled on and we made our way back to campus where we ate our sorrows in cheese pizza at 2:30am.

My heart still aches, and I want to see them again, maybe sometime soon? So Why Don’t We Go There and Live While We’re Young? I will wear my Little Black Dress this time and we’ll dance all night to the Best Song Ever…


P.S. This really was an awesome concert. 5sos and 1D know how to put on a good show! I recommend seeing one of the next shows if you can, the tour is only half over!

Also, I used all of the song titles in the article that 5sos and 1D played that night. They are capitalized, so that’s why it looks and sounds a little funny…I definitely had fun writing today’s Tune It In Tuesday!


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