Hiking Hawaii: Diamond Head State Monument

Happy Travel Tuesday! This week’s Hiking Hawaii installment: Diamond Head.


Diamond Head trail is a 1.6-mile, round trip hike located across from the Kapiolani Community College. The hike gives you a view of Waikiki’s coast and a glimpse into Hawaii’s military history! Some parts aren’t paved, but it’s a considerably easy hike to do.


Getting There:

The Diamond Head hike is considerably close to Waikiki. If you feel like taking the bus, take the #23 or the #2 over. If you’re going by car, there is a parking lot inside the crater. However, you will have to cough up $5 for your vehicle. By walking, you have a $1 admission fee.

Hiking Up:


The hike starts paved, but slowly changes into a rocky terrain (with rails to hold you in). About three quarters of the way up, you’ll run into multiple, steep flights of stairs. There’s 74 steps the first flight, and 99 steps on the second. Lastly, you climb up 43 spiral staircase steps. If your legs are feeling the burn, there’s an alternative, less steep flight of stairs you can take. If you go that route, you won’t get to experience the dark tunnels through the crater.

The view:




Climbing down:


You hike down the same path you came up! No surprises.

Tips for this hike:

-The last entry for the hike is at 4:30pm so be wary of that! (The trail opens at 6am)

-The hike takes 1-2 hours round-trip so bring water.

-Enjoy the history! You’re walking on a 200,000-year-old dormant volcano (inactive for 150,000 years)!

-Don’t bring your pets! They won’t be allowed in (unless they’re service animals).

This will be the last Hawaii hiking installment for a while; I’m back in Chicago! Let me know what hikes to do when I fly home in the comments.



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