Dorm Room Spotlight: Amanda And Colleen

So the bees are reunited and all moved into campus. This year, we’re lucky enough to be sophomores so we get some pretty cool housing set ups. Amanda and Colleen are living together a in a “studio apartment” style dorm. So the set up is a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom all in one.

We thought we’d post some picture of how we decorated our space to give people some ideas.

It’s still a work in progress (we need to order some more posters, and Kelly is letting us borrow her TV for the year #blessed) but here’s what we have so far!

Our front door:


Yesterday Amanda wrote an invitation for anyone to draw their state on the wonderfully artistic USA map she made, but sadly, no one has participated yet. There’s always tomorrow!! Also, the theme of our floor is legos. Hence us as legos.

This is the hallway right inside the door and to the right:


Just inside the hall there and to the right is one of the closets (this one is Colleen’s). THEY ARE HUGE!!! We love them. Then there is our very own bathroom! We love it too. Amanda brought the cute shower curtain. It’s adorbs.

Here is the kitchen:


Complete with a cute dining set. That’s Amanda’s U of L magnet on the fridge. The cookie pan we bought doesn’t exactly fit in the oven, but we will make it work. Then there is the sink and our microwave, which will basically only be used for popcorn, let’s be honest.

Now we are getting to the good part. Aka, “Amanda’s Area”.

Amanda’s desk looks like this:


On the top of her desk are two mason jars acting as bookends she DIYed over the summer, some of her favorite books and movies, along with all of her Conde Nast Traveler magazines. Then below there are some pictures, two novelty sayings (“you are the icing on my cupcake” and “love you to the moon and back”) as well as her mail box, where she keeps letters, stamps and envelopes that she sends to friends and family. S/o to them!!

When Amanda moved in a week ago the beds in the room were bunked. Thankfully, with the help of Colleen’s awesome parents, we got them down and Amanda was able to sit upright in her bed again, and hang her posters and decorations up like so:


Yes, that is a fuzzy body pillow. Yes, that is a pumpkin blanket. Yes, that is a stuffed lamb Amanda got as a gift after she played the lamb in her grade school production of Charlotte’s Web. Yes, that most definitely is a Little Mermaid pillow, and of course she has a One Direction pillow behind it. However, her favorite thing is the map poster she hung up and stuck tacks everywhere she’s been.

Now on to “Colleen’s Corner”.


 So Colleen’s corner is a little bare still regarding the walls, because she needs to order some more posters. She plans on getting some sort of travel poster, one of The Office, and maybe a couple more. As you can tell, she has a thing for owls (her cousin started it and it’s a reallly long story). You can also see she has a twin size bed and a queen sized duvet, so there’s that. There’s also some cool Starkid posters and lots of tickets from her adventures.

IMG_1896Here’s Colleen’s study area/bookshelf. Her desk is pretty basic right now with some picture frames, her books are on the side in a bin, sorted by Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, and then Tuesday/Thursday. Her backpack is pretty cool, and from Urban Outfitters. There are some pretty cool city themed canvases thanks to IKEA. You can kind of see her bookshelf, where she has some DVDs and books. We’ll probably put the TV on that surface once we get it. Also a life saver, that you can kind of see on the sign are these wall sticky calendar things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It’s three calendars, one for a daily to do list, one for a weekly to do list, and one for a monthly organization. They’re really really great and I highly recommend you get them. Also they’re city themed so there’s a little travel theme going on on my side.

So here’s our room, we know it’s pretty dang awesome. You should probably be pretty jealous. Hopefully with the help of this post you can take some of our design tips and emulate our awesome style.

You’re welcome,

Amanda and Colleen


6 thoughts on “Dorm Room Spotlight: Amanda And Colleen

  1. stephaniekennedy95 says:

    The apartment looks really cute! did colleen make those picture frames? Th ones with New York, London, and Paris?

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