A Wannabe Baker’s Review of Sprinkles Cupcakes

In my family my mom is the baker. She has passed (most of) her knowledge of the art down to me, and I hope one day I am as good as her. While growing up, my mother never bought cupcakes or cookies just to have around the house. If we were going to have some sort of bakery item, she was going to make it, and she did very well. Everyone loves her creations (I think she was a baker in her past life). When I arrived in Chicago last year for college my room did not have an oven. This was no surprise, because, you know, it was a freshman dorm. So no oven meant no baking cupcakes. No using my mom’s secret chocolate cake recipe. No fresh and warm cookies.

Thank goodness Chicago has a Sprinkles Cupcakes. It is located on the north end of downtown, on East Walton, between Michigan Ave and Rush street.

I had never heard of Sprinkles until the first time I stepped foot in the store. It was with some new friends the very first week I moved in last year. It only took one bite for the addiction to set in; for icing to run through my veins and cravings to last for weeks.

Normally I am not impressed by store made cakes and/or cupcakes. Sometimes they are just too dry! And trust me, my family and I are not fans of dry cake of ANY kind.

However, Sprinkles is the first non-homemade bakery that makes things as close to the level of moistness as my mom’s. I truly don’t need ice cream to wash their cupcakes down! Phew!

My fellow bees, our friends and I would make frequent trips to Sprinkles if we were downtown, and it was always delicious! So I decided to head over there today since I am back in Chicago and have a few days before classes start.

As the polka-dot building came into view from down the street my stomach grumbled. I walked in and was immediately greeted by the little cakes themselves and the always smiling employees.


My final purchase consisted of one mini “Black and White” cupcake (which is my favorite flavor of all time BTW).


Look how freaking cute that thing is!


It was heavenly and I finished it in a mereminute. Sad Amanda is still sad about that part.


According to their website, the first Sprinkles Cupcakes was located in Beverly Hills, California. A majority of the stores are located in that same state, with a few locations in places such as New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and of course, Chicago. Regular sizes cupcakes cost $3.45 in the store and $4.00 at the Cupcake ATM (more about that later) while the mini cupcakes are $2.00. Some of the favors I saw in the store today included Strawberry, Red Velvet, Pumpkin, Black and White, S’mores, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, and Milk Chocolate. However, many flavors are seasonal, and only are for sale a few weeks out of the year, for example, Irish Cream during the St. Patrick’s Day Season.

So, back to the Cupcake ATM. This is a revolutionary invention of epic proportions. Not only can you pick out your choice of cupcake via the ATM any day any time, but it comes out in a cute little box, ready for transportation. Amazing, right?! However, only seven out of the 17 locations have one. This includes Chicago, which is a yay! for me but a bummer for other places, such as Georgetown in DC. 😦

Sprinkles has also recently added cookies and ice cream to their menu! The Chicago location has not received these yet, but I will be sure to try them out when they come.

Sprinkles.com is your main source of location info, flavor info, other Sprinkles products and news. Also, be sure to check out their twitter and facebook pages for special offers! More often than not Sprinkles gives out offers such as “whisper____ at the store when you buy one cupcake and get a _____ cupcake free!” Who wouldn’t want two cupcakes for the price of one?! Not me!

You can also order cupcakes, ice cream or cookies online if you do not live close to a specific location. You definitely won’t regret it! Although I have an oven in my res hall this year, I definitely will still be making trips to Sprinkles!

Happy Foodie Friday and have a great weekend!



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