Move in Tips from Three Very Smart Bees

It’s almost time for college move in, and we bees cannot wait. As sophomores, we’re clearly super experienced and know what we’re doing. We totally have our entire lives together. We’re here to share our years of experience with you incoming freshman to make your move in a breeze.


1. Wait to buy some of your storage stuff until you’ve seen your room. I waited to see the layout of my room before buying things like plastic storage bins and what not. I didn’t want to buy something that wouldn’t fit in my room and have to get rid of it. So once I saw and organized my room my parents and I went to Target to pick up some extra storage stuff once I knew what I wanted/needed.

2. Buy food! When I moved in, my parents took me shopping for additional storage things (see above tip) but we also went shopping for food. At the time, I didn’t think I needed much food to keep in my room. I didn’t buy much. I think I bought a box of granola bars, some chips, coffee, and popcorn. Soon I realized I had wayyyy under thought the food I needed in my room. Within the first two weeks of being on campus I went to the store and bought a bunch of stuff to get by. When parents weekend came, I was more than willing to take advantage of them buying me food. Buy some microwaveable meals for those nights you don’t have time to go to dinner, and some easy breakfast foods for those days you want to sleep a little longer.

3. Make sure you have a couple dishes on hand. I kept like 7 mugs (love me some coffee), a couple plates, a bowl, and some silverware in my room. It makes it easier to reheat leftovers from a restaurant, or eat a bowl of cereal in the morning if you have something to eat it out of. I bought glassware and would wash it in the bathroom with a dish wand like this, rather than using paper dishes.

4. Command hooks, command hooks, command hooks. I cannot stress how important these things are. Get all kinds. Big ones, small ones, clear ones, the velcro ones ALL OF THEM. I hung canvases and a mirror with the velcro ones, and held up a jewelry holder with a clear one, and kept one by my door to put my keys on so I would always remember to grab them when I left my room. Buy a bunch and keep them on hand. Also keep other random hardware bits and pieces on hand. A flashlight (you might not think you need it, but my dorm had 2 power outages last year and thank god I had one), extra lightbulbs, and other small things like that.

5. See if your dorm allows for an Ethernet cable. Campus wifi SUCKS. It’s a fact of life. My dad made sure I brought an ethernet cable to school so I could plug into something else when the internet was slow. Sadly I didn’t realize you had to register it so I went all year not being able to get it to work. But I know that for sure if my dorm for this year allows me to use one, the first thing I will do is register that cord because, trust me, you do not want to be dependent on campus wifi.


Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.08.22 PM

1. If you think you have enough clothes hangers… buy more. I think I made two trips to Target during the year just for more hangers. When I was moving in, I got enough hangers for the clothes I brought with me from home. But shopping exists, and I had no more hangers to spare!

2. If your dorm doesn’t allow lofting, buy bed risers! It gives you some extra, under-the-bed space for your already small room. My roommate bought some that had power outlets on the sides, which I think is even more practical.

3. Get. A. Mattress. Pad. I can’t stress this enough. Dorm mattresses are not comfy (shocker) and you’ll be sleeping in it all year. Give your poor back a break!

4. Contact your roommate before moving in (and make some plans!). For formality’s sake, you should probably say hi anyway. Also, without communication, you may accidentally bring two of the same thing. No one needs two microwaves or two mini-fridges in your already tiny dorm room.

5. Be VERY detailed in your dorm inspection sheet. If your college offers a dorm inspection sheet (where you analyze the room you’ve moved into), take advantage of it. You don’t want to be charged for a dent in the wall you never made! It might feel silly, but it’s better safe than sorry. (PS: this tip comes from my dad, a former RA)



Picture Source

1. When packing to move in, if you aren’t sure you should take it, take it anyway. You can always send things back home with your parents if you don’t have a place for it in your room. Trips to Target to buy what you forgot can add up in the end.

2. You will think you have way too much stuff, but you don’t! If you have more than what can fit in your parents’ car that might be a little much, but trust me, you want to have more than less. In addition, most people have about the same amount as you! Cut yourself some slack, you are packing up your whole 18 years of life!

3. Bring a shower curtain to hang in your closet. Sounds weird, I know. I saw this tip before I moved in last year and thought it was absurd until I actually got into my room, unloaded all my crud and didn’t like how my closet was door-less. Not that I’m against anyone seeing my clothes, but it was a little weird for me to walk into my room all the time and see my dirty clothes hamper and shoes. In the end it is a personal preference I guess, but there are some pretty cute shower curtains out there and your room could look super matchy if you found the right one….!!

4. Decorations are a must. This one is pretty obvious. Most people already know and take advantage of this. However, there are so many types of decorations out there! Lights, frames, wall stickers, cork boards, dry erase boards. There are also rugs that can brighten even the darkest of carpets, and beanbag chairs to add some more comfort and are perfect when having everyone on your floor over for a VMA watching party (this is an awesome way to get to know your neighbors the first week of school, my roommate and I did it last year and we still have the picture!) Door decorations are fun as well! My mom sent me some window clings in the mail last year for Valentine’s Day, and instead of putting them on my window, I put them on my door!

5. Give your parents an exra-big hug and be nice to them during this time. They are moving you out of their house and into your own! They love you and support you so much, and if they didn’t you would not be starting the most stressful, tiring, amazing, exciting and incredibly rewarding journey of your life!

Good luck!

-All Three Bees


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