Music You Should Be Listening To: Jay Stolar

If you saw my playlist, you know I love Jay Stolar. Like seriously love him.

I discovered him in 2012. The summer before my senior year of high school, which I am now realizing was two years ago which is gross, one of my favorite singers Charlene Kaye announced she was playing a concert in New York City. I texted my friend Hayley and basically told her she was coming with me to the concert.

We went and it was a fantastic concert. Like seriously one of the best I’ve ever been to. It was SO great. There were three openers: Kongos, The Bright Silence, and Jay Stolar. While the other two were also fantastic, the two of us kind of fell in love with Jay Stolar.


Jay Stolar is a singer/songwriter from New York. He currently has one album out, More Than We Think, available on Spotify and iTunes.

Sadly, at the time we saw him in concert he only had two songs available for purchase on iTunes. Thus commenced a really long year of waiting. I haven’t been able to see him in concert again because all of his concerts near me were 21+ :(.

In August 2013, he released a kickstarter campaign for his album. I was a backer and so I got to preview some of the songs on the album before they were released. I also am a proud owner of a signed CD and wristband.


The thing about his music is that it is so fun. It’s relaxing and calming, but you still really want to sing along to it. He has a really cool vibe going. His album, More Than We Think, has a good range of songs.

 From “Fall Apart” which starts slower and builds to a more powerful finish, to “When I’m Acting Crazy” which you can’t help dancing to, there’s something interesting in every song.

Something about his musics makes me want to go on adventures and experience. Lately, with it almost being time to go back to Chicago and looking into study abroad programs for junior year, my wanderlust has been at an all time high, and his album is the perfect soundtrack to that feeling.


There’s something so calming about his music as well. When I first went to college and was dealing with homesickness I would always listen to “Leading Me Down” and “Like You Do” to calm me down. Something about his music is friendly and comforting.

I think what I like best about Stolar and his music, is that he truly understands the power that music has. His kickstarter project entitled “The Happiness and Connection Project” was all about sharing the music with other people. Every backer donation got two rewards. One for the backer, and one for the backer to share with a friend. I ended up getting something for me, and my friend Hayley who discovered him with me. He did this because he knows how people feel about music and how they share it. He wanted to create a project where people were constantly sharing and talking about music.

This understanding and passion about music is so reflective in his music. You can hear in each song how passionate he is about the music that he is making, and that’s what makes it so good.

Everyone should listen to and support Jay Stolar because he 100% deserves it.



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