Movies I’m Looking Forward To: The Maze Runner

So I’ve already mentioned my love for The Maze Runner like 17 timesThis post is the culmination of that until the actual movie premiers. (Maybe I’ll actually shut up about it after this. Doubtful)

Maze Runner Poster 1

Promo Poster 1/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

It’s been an exciting week in the life of a Maze Runner fan. With three of the stars (Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, and Will Poulter) attending ComicCon, James Dashner seeing the movie for the first time in full (and  absolutely loving it), the release of 11 new posters (!!!!!!!!!) and a new trailer, I am almost giddy with anticipation and September seems WAY too far away.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.23.02 PM

The Maze Runner Author, James Dashner’s Reaction to the Movie on Twitter

Today, July 29 2014, a new trailer was released at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. And I have a confession: I had a call in at work today (which if you don’t know what that is, it’s a system where you call an hour before your shift starts and you may or may not have to go in) from 11-4. Usually I hope to be called in so I can make some money, but today I was hoping the opposite, because I wanted to see the trailer ASAP. Yeah, I wanted this trailer more than money. I got lucky and didn’t have to go in. And thank God because holy crap.


Promo Poster 2/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

I’m crying but also giggling because I can’t process my emotions about it because it looks SO spectacular. The first trailer was amazing, but this one. Wow. I’m pretty much incoherent because it exceeded every expectation I had.

Let’s break it down shall we?

Trailer can be found here courtesy of Yahoo Movies and 20th Century Fox

And below

(Vague spoilers possibly ahead, in that I will be discussing the trailer from the standpoint of someone who has read the book, so I have slightly more information than someone who has not.)

The trailer starts in a similar way to the original with Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) being delivered to the glade in the box and we hear Alby (Aml Ameen) asking Thomas some basic (or so you would think) questions. A shot of O’Brien explaining that he can’t remember anything captures Thomas’ character almost perfectly to the way I imagined him in the books. We then see Gally (Will Poulter) jump into the box welcoming Thomas to the glade. This was all similar to the original trailer, but still great.


Promo Poster 3/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

Then we get a wide shot of the glade and some of the maze, which while they look different than what I imagined, work better cinematically and still look great. Over these shots we hear Thomas asking about 17 different questions like the annoying little nerd he is (a term of endearment I promise. Because let’s be real I’d do the same thing if I were dropped in some weird place and couldn’t remember anything and wasn’t allowed to leave.) Again, very true to the book.

Then we have Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) explaining what the Maze is. And can I just say NEWT!!!! AND CHUCK (Blake Cooper) WE SEE A LOT OF NEWT AND WE SEE CHUCK!!!! Both are adorable and great, but back to the trailer. I love love love that we get glimpses of the Grievers without seeing the final product until the movie. I hope they’re super creepy and gross looking because they have to be. The small previews of them are enough to heighten the interest of fans of the book and people just watching the trailer with little context, which is extremely important in a book to movie adaptation (but I’ll rant about that more later).


Promo Poster 4/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

This is where the drama picks up and I think I started to cry a little (I’m woefully under-caffeinated right now so my emotions are a little screwy and this trailer didn’t help). Flashes of different, unrelated scenes that all connect to the main idea of the book (getting out of the maze) showcase a multitude of different scenes from the book (many of which are fan favorites), without making the trailer feel long. With every flash I got more and more excited and intrigued. I want more. Which is exactly what a movie trailer should do.

Then my girl,Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), shows up. I love Teresa and no one can convince me otherwise. She’s kind of great and badass and fights for herself and I love love love that she’s not glammed up in any of the promotional pictures. She’s dirty and grimy and looks like someone who is fighting her way out of a dangerous maze should look. There is no over stylization of her character, which is so important. Giving her perfect hair, clothes, and makeup could have made me wary of the direction the movie was going, but nope it still feels really raw and unpolished (which is good because the tone of the movie should be really raw).


Promo Poster 5/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

We get to see more of Teresa in this trailer and what her and Thomas’ arrival means for the fate of the gladers. It’s the first time we get to truly see the high stakes of this story. More action flashes show more scenes, and the trailer picks up speed and highlight the mystery of the story. Some scenes are even confusing to me (WHY ARE THEY IN A TANK???? I NEED ANSWERS!!! is it the changing???? idk…. Is it September yet??) a fan of the book, which is kind of great (at least for me, I’m sure some people disagree). In these flashes we not only see action, but also character development. We see Alby as the tough leader, Thomas as the one who questions everything, Teresa as the outsider, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) being slightly pessimistic, and Gally challenging Thomas (also every time I see Will Poulter in his costume I get kind of mad because why does he have better legs than I do?).


Promo Poster 6/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

In the last seconds of the trailer we have Alby issuing an ominous warning and then everything falling apart. It’s great.

Okay, so by now I bet you’re wondering if I liked the trailer or not right. I probably haven’t been that clear with my opinion (HA). But my overall thoughts are overwhelmingly positive. The cast seems to truly understand their characters. Interviews with O’Brien, Poulter, and Scodelario at ComicCon prove their deep understanding of the book and the characters they are playing which is SO important. I could be thrilled with the way an actor looks in comparison to the character, but if they don’t understand them it’s game over. The most important thing in a book to movie adaptation from an acting standpoint in that the actors get their characters (at least to me) more than that they look like the image I had. However, we hit the jackpot with this because man look wise and acting wise, these guys just get it. It’s actually kind of amazing. I remember tracking the tumblr tag when casting news was coming out and I think it was one of the first times I ever saw a majority of the fans reacting in a positive way to the actors. I hardly saw any anger with the choices which is great.


Promo Poster 7/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

Visually, this movie looks stunning. Every poster, promo picture, and still has been gorgeous. Amanda will have to restrain me from hanging all of them up in our room next year because I want them all. The tone of the book has been captured in the visual aspects as well as the acting. Wes Ball (director) and the rest of the production team have done an amazing job.


Promo Poster 8/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

Things have naturally deviated from my mental pictures, but that was bound to happen. Some things won’t translate well to film and naturally need to be editing from the book. On page, 2D paper maps work, but on screen a 3D interactive scale model of the maze looks better. WICKED works on paper, but in the movie the clinical acronym of WCKD looks more interesting and heightens the interest of the viewer to figure out just what it means. The maze is a lot more industrial than I thought it would be, but I get it. It still works. It’s an understanding that some things are bound to be changed so they don’t look awkward or out of place. Also the soundtrack is great so far (I love nothing more than a good movie score).


Promo Poster 9/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

As I said above, it’s really important that this trailer appeals to both fans of the book, and people who have never even heard of the books before. I know a lot of people feel protective of the books and want everyone to read the books before seeing the movie, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Best case scenario, people will watch this trailer and go out and buy the book. Worst case, people are intrigued and go see the movie without reading the book which is still important. The point of trailers is to make people want to see the movie. In order to get the other two (possibly three if they make The Kill Order a movie but idk if I could handle that since I didn’t sleep for like 3 weeks after reading the book) books made into movies, we should want as many people to go see the movie as possible, whether or not they’ve ever picked up the book. All fans are important and the trailer will bring in a lot of them. This is a great story and I hope it gets told to as many people as possible.

TMR 10

Promo Poster 10/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

Bottom Line: I’m SO excited for this movie. This trailer was amazing and I kind of love it. In fact I love it so much that it makes me nervous. I have so much anticipation and excitement I worry about building it up in my head, but at this point I don’t even care. I’m going to enjoy the ride of a beautiful cast, a beautiful movie, and a beautiful story. Everyone involved from the actors to the director seem to care so deeply about this book and making the best possible movie to give to the fans which is extremely important in a book to movie adaptation.

TMR 11

Promo Poster 11/11 Released by Yahoo Movies (source)

Expect a rambling review of the movie when it comes out in September, but until then I’m going to repeatedly watch the trailer and reblog 17,000 gif sets on tumblr.



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