The Five Fall TV Premieres I’m Looking Forward To

The only thing I love more than Fall TV shows actually premiering is watching all the trailers on YouTube. Ever since the beginning of high school, my friends and I have watched upcoming Fall TV show trailers together and deemed which ones would live and which ones would die of bad ratings. This year is no different. After looking up the official Fall TV schedule, I have picked the five shows I’m most excited for. Keep in mind that I am not including any mid-season premieres (Ex: Fresh Off the Boat or Astronaut Wives Club). Let’s hope that they live up to their 3-4 minute previews!

1. Gotham


Gotham is a DC Comics television adaption involving Detective James Gordon’s earlier life in the Gotham City Police. The show starts off with newcomer Gordon joining the force to help solve the case of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder. For those unfamiliar with Batman’s origins, Thomas and Martha are Batman (Bruce Wayne’s) parents. Gordon and Wayne’s interactions in the series ultimately influence and shape Wayne’s future decision to become Batman. I am extremely excited for this show to premiere, and I’ve enjoyed the sneak previews of it so far. I’m most looking forward to the show diving into the origins of Gotham villains onscreen like the Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman. (Also, I have to say it: the guy that plays the Riddler is ridiculously attractive. I’m not sorry).  I don’t know how I feel about Fish Mooney, the made-for-TV crime boss of Gotham, because there is nothing we know about her.  However, Jada Pinkett Smith (who plays Mooney) looks and acts great in the trailers. I can only hope that Mooney becomes a deserving contribution to the DC Universe.

Gotham is produced by FOX and will air on Mondays at 8 pm.

2. Gracepoint


I’m normally wary about US adaptions of successful UK shows (see: Skins US). However, Gracepoint has the potential to match its UK predecessor. Gracepoint is a 10-Part mystery miniseries about a small California town that finds itself in the wake of a young boy’s death. When the death of 11-year-old Danny Solano is declared a homicide, the once calm town becomes bombarded with the media and the ongoing murder investigation. The job of newly hired Detective Carver and the Solano’s friend Detective Miller is to find out what happened on the night of Danny’s death and who did it. Gracepoint is an adaption of ITV’s Broadchurch, a British crime drama that premiered in 2013. My confidence in this adaption lies in David Tennant, who stars in both versions of the show (with different names). Also, Chris Chibnall (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) is executive producing Gracepoint and adapting the original work. Hopefully, this show can earn the critical praise Broadchurch previously achieved worldwide.

Gracepoint is produced by FOX and will air on Thursdays at 9pm.

3. How to Get Away With Murder


Shonda Rhimes. Viola Davis. Alfred Enoch. ‘Nuff said. How to Get Away with Murder has major star power and potential for Fall TV.  The show revolves around Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and the students in her Criminal Law 100 class. Keating uses a murder case she’s handling as an assignment; she promises four of her students a coveted spot at her law firm if they prove their worth. Naturally, the students start finding unconventional, debatably legal tactics to discredit an alleged murder. Shonda Rhimes is behind Greys Anatomy and Scandal, so I have confidence in her ability to pull off an interesting concept. My only worry is that the show may slip into a soapy, cheesy category. However, the star power alone has this show on my must-watch list.

How to Get Away With Murder is produced by ABC and will air on Thursdays at 10pm.

4. Scorpion


Normally, hacker shows are held back by a lack of action. Sure, clicking on keys and saying, “I’m in,” is exciting, but it can’t last you a season. However, Scorpion has a different strategy to stay on air. Scorpion is inspired by a true story about a group of prodigies who are hired by Homeland Security to handle complex digital cases for the US. On the show’s website, they say that the hacking sequences are real, learnable and used outside of the TV world. This authenticity gives Scorpion an edge over other hacker-like shows.  To add to the excitement, the band of geniuses includes a “mechanical prodigy, world class shrink, human calculator” and a hacker. With these talents, there are opportunities for the characters to remove themselves from the computer and run about the city to remove threats. I hope this show follows through on breaking hacker show stereotypes and becomes an enjoyable addition to CBS’s lineup.

Scorpion is produced by CBS and will air on Mondays at 9:00pm.

5. Stalker


Growing up with Cold Case and Law & Order: SVU made me love a good crime drama. That’s why I’m showing some optimism for Stalker. Like the title infers, Stalker is about the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD and their investigations of stalking cases. According to show’s site, that includes “cyber harassment, romantic fixation and voyeurism.” After watching the trailer, Maggie Q (Lieutenant Beth Davis) proves her acting abilities like she did in Nikita. (Also, Dylan McDermott from AHS is co-starring!) I’m happy to see that the show investigates multiple types of stalking cases. Not every case turns out to be “guy stalks girl” or “girl stalks guy.” In the trailer, they address that issue by having a male college student encounter issues with his infatuated roommate. If the episodes are well written, I think Stalker will be around for a while (in a good way, of course).

Stalker is produced by CBS and airs on Wednesdays at 10pm.

After all these great previews, I’m shocked by the lack of Fall TV comedy trailers I found enjoyable. Hopefully, there are some midseason premieres that can make me laugh. For now, 2014 looks like the year of Drama.

So what are the Fall TV shows you’re looking forward to? What shows did I miss? Leave your comments below!



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