Shows You Should Be Watching: Teen Wolf

***Spoiler Disclaimer: There might be some light spoilers in this review but I will avoid outright statements that will spoil the show.

Okay maybe there’s one that’s kinda small but kinda not, but I’ll give some warning before I say it

As well, I linked to my sources for a couple of points as well as pictures and many of those sources contain spoilers.***

I have a confession to make: When I first heard about the show Teen Wolf in 2011 when it premiered I thought it sounded stupid and wrote it off as something I would never watch. Then my sister started to watch it and I kept hearing about how great it was. I still resisted because whenever someone tells me to watch a show/movie or read a popular book or listen to a popular band it kind of makes me not want to watch/read/listen to the thing. But the show slowly creeped up onto my “one day maybe I’ll watch this show but probably not” list, which is not small.

Then it was announced that my favorite book series, The Maze Runner, was going to become a movie. I was super excited, because if you read my last post (which you totally should BTW because I’m awesome), you might have a slight understanding of JUST how much I love those books (answer: a lot).  While I was excited, I was also reserved because what if they messed up casting? Slowly but surely the cast was announced and I was super excited, I mean I love Kaya Scodelario and Thomas Brodie-Sangster will forever be one of my favorite people (I mean he’s in both Love Actually and Phineas and Ferb and there are no greater things  in the entertainment world than Love Actually and Phineas and Ferb) but I knew next to nothing about Dylan O’Brien except that he was on Teen Wolf and most fans of the show loved him. This bumped the show up on my list a little bit because I wanted to know about the guy who got the lead in my favorite book series. Then, the same day his role in the movie was announced I went swimming at a friend’s house where her little sister was talking about how great the show was. It was that night that I decided to go home and finally watch the show. This started me down a dark path of obsession and sadness.

Okay I’ve spent two paragraphs talking about why I started to watch the show, but haven’t really talked about the show itself and this is supposed to be a review so I guess I’ll stop making this about me and actually talk about the show.

If you’ve never seen the show and have decided to start watching it: strap in friends because this show is a wild ride. The first season is lighthearted and fun. There’s a lot of humor, romance, and werewolf tomfoolery. It’s fast paced and can easily be watched quickly with only 12 episodes each season. The second season is a little more high stakes with a random creature running around killing people and the pack having to figure out what is is, which is apparently a common occurrence in the town of Beacon Hills (Seriously, why does anyone still live in Beacon Hills? Follow up question: How is anyone in Beacon Hills still alive? Probably Mama McCall), but is still kind of goofy and fun. Season 3A starts to be a lot more dramatic: Higher stakes, more drama, more death, and more snark (but the snark balanced out the dramatics well). Then everything changed when season 3B attacked. Seriously this season was so upsetting. There were many times my roommate walked in on me crying on my bed while I watched the most recent episode and gave me some judging looks. The show did a 360 in the BEST way possible, the mythology turned more mysterious, new characters were introduced and sadly we said goodbye to some favorite characters. Dynamics changed and characters developed fully and in great ways. I really loved season 3B.

That brings us to now: Season 4. The second episode of the fourth season premiered this past Monday (June 30). So far I have no solid opinion about this season but I understand that is because the first few episodes are hard because a LOT of story-lines need to be shifted and established while character dynamics need to be fleshed out more to bring some characters from supporting roles into main characters roles. Then season 3B changed a lot about the show and things need to be adjusted to represent those changes in an accurate way. That being said it is no less enjoyable than any other season. The show is changing but I think I like it.

The show is a loose adaptation of the 1985 film Teen Wolf (having never seen the original movie I don’t know how accurate or close it is) and was created by Jeff Davis. Jeff Davis also created Criminal Minds and was executive producer for the first season  (a show that is currently playing in a different tab because I’ve been binge watching it all summer because I’m determined to watch every episode before I go back to college. I’m already on season 8 so, progress). Also, according to Wikipedia, Davis is from a town in Connecticut that’s not too far from my own. This fact is completely irrelevant to the show but it is exciting none the less because my town is boring and no one exciting has come from there so this is the next best thing.  Also my AP Human Geography teacher is from the same town as him so connection. (okay back to the review)

Now for some character talk, which is my favorite kind of talk. I’ll start with main characters:

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey):  Who better to start with than the Teen Wolf himself. I really love Scott. Tyler Posey does a great job with the character. He’s so adorable and lovable. Scott is basically a confused puppy most of the time. I’ve really loved to see him change over the seasons. At the beginning he was adorable and awkward around Allison and dealing with the results of his newly found werewolf abilities. Now he’s still confused, but he’s slowly becoming more self assured and starting to make decisions that benefit his pack. He’s just a sincerely nice character who really cares about his friends and helping everyone he can and Posey plays him perfectly and is great in the role. A lot of times I find myself giggling when I watch the show just because Scott is being adorable and I can’t help but love him.

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien): Dylan O’Brien was the main reason I started to watch the show. I can say now that this was a good decision. I think Stiles is a great character. Part of the reason that season 3B was so dramatic with less comedic moments was because of stuff going on with Stiles. O’Brien did an outstanding job with the direction his character was taken. Most impressive was the subtleties of the character he played involving facial expressions and body language which can be hard to do. Goofy Stiles seems to be returning for the fourth season which makes me pretty happy because sarcastic Stiles is always a good thing.

Lydia Martin (Holland Roden): Lydia, Lydia, Lydia. I LOVE Lydia. Seriously. She’s the greatest. She’s my favorite part of this show. She’s probably the smartest one on the show, which is good because a lot of times the pack needs someone who actually thinks things through and can say “guys maybe we shouldn’t do the thing.” It’s funny because when I watched the first few episodes I found Lydia annoying and texted my sister saying how annoying I found her to which my sister replied “just wait” and I’m so glad I did. I think I really hated Jackson (sorry, you will find no Jackson love from me) and since in the beginning she was linked to him I didn’t like her either. But it goes to show how well her character has been developed that I went from thinking “ugg” when I thought of her to getting extremely happy when I got her as the result of a quiz about which Teen Wolf character I was. She’s smart, sassy, and isn’t afraid to be pretty. She has some supernatural stuff I really want her to work out (and according to Jeff Davis, will get her chance this season which makes me the happiest girl alive) because I just really want her to be happy and in control of her abilities. Holland Roden is fantastic and does a really good job with Lydia. Her emotions are often pretty raw, because a lot of the time Lydia doesn’t really know what’s going on and Roden plays it perfectly, often without words. I live a Lydia Martin Appreciation life. I want Lydia on my team during the apocalypse.

Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin): I really hope this season has more Derek. I like Derek, but I feel like I’ve never formed a solid opinion of his character. His story-lines come in kind of randomly then he’ll disappear for a little bit. I really hope that changes in this upcoming season (again according to Jeff Davis, it will). I like what I’ve seen of Derek and Hoechlin does a good job with the character and has some of the best facial expressions on the show. The dramatic scenes he has done have been fantastic, so I look forward to seeing what the show will do with Derek this upcoming season. I think the events of the first two episodes are setting the stage for some really great character development.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.05.59 AM

Tyler Hoechlin

Allison Argent (Crystal Reed): Allison is very important to me. She went from the cute love interest to badass fighter and heroine. She’s kinda great. After moving away from being the romantic lead of the show, she could have easily been cast to the side of the show, as has happened with many other shows, but that never happened. Breaking out of the romantic role was the best thing that happened to her character. She developed as a fighter and decided she never wanted to be a damsel in distress and instead of complaining about it she got up and changed it, learned how to fight and changed her own life. Crystal Reed is fantastic as Allison playing not only on Allison’s strengths, but also her fears and weaknesses. She balanced Allison as both terrified, but using that fear to make herself stronger and fight.

Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig):

*** There might be some spoilers in this paragraph regarding the origin of Malia’s character so if you don’t want to know you might want to skip this paragraph**

Okay so I’m combining these two ladies because they’re both new main characters and I don’t know enough about them yet to really give them their own paragraph. I’ll start with Kira because we know more about her. I like Kira, she’s awkward and confused by being thrown into this supernatural world all of the sudden and having to deal with her families secrets and her own powers (Seriously does everyone in Beacon Hills have a freaky supernatural history or something? What is in the water there? Remind me never to visit). Her family history was vital to the storyline of 3B and so far I really think Kira will be a good member of the show. I have mixed feelings towards Malia. I want to like her, and for the most part I really do. However another part of me can’t get past the fact that she was a coyote since she was nine, but now she’s almost perfectly assimilated into society with only a few awkward moments and result. I know that she was a magic coyote and all, but like I need an explanation before I can fully commit to liking her as a character. Sorry.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.11.52 AM

Arden Cho                              Shelley Hennig 

Supporting Characters (I’m just going to write one or two sentences about a couple of the supporting characters, there’s kind of a lot so some are going to be missing):

Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio): Mama McCall is great. She’s another badass character who gets stuff done. I mean raising a teenager is hard enough, but it probably gets a little harder when your son becomes a werewolf. Also being a nurse in a hospital that is probably the LEAST safe hospital in the world has to be tough, but she does it all and still kicks ass.

Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby): Wait, side note: do we know his first name? No right? Okay back to my review. Sheriff Stilinski is pretty cool. Unfortunately, much like Mama McCall he has a tough job in a town of funky supernatural stuff. When you’re the sheriff and your town is plagued by a series of murders from supernatural beings that you don’t really understand (until later) has to be tough. Especially because Stiles wasn’t always the easiest son to parent, especially by yourself, so he’s a pretty cool guy.

Chris Argent (JR Bourne): Chris Argent wins the award for most improved. As a werewolf hunter, when your daughter starts dating a werewolf, life has to be a little bit hard, but he developed and became something of an Ally to the pack and helped his daughter develop into a badass fighter. A+ to Chris. Also his relationship with Isaac in 3B was great.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.20.34 AM

Melissa Ponzio                             Linden Ashby                             JR Bourne

Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman): Isaac is fantastic. Extremely snarky, he probably had some of the best lines from the show. He’s pretty cocky at times, but after being abused by your dad for a while and then suddenly getting super awesome werewolf powers, I might be a little bit cocky too.

 Danny Mahealani (Keahu Kahuanui): I know I said Lydia was my favorite character but I might have lied because a strong case can be made for Danny as well. He’s not there a lot, but he’s kind of awesome when he does show up. He’s a fantastic character who I really hope to see more of in this upcoming season especially after the cliff hanger the last season left off on with his character. Danny is very important and I want more of him.

Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) **There are what could be considered spoilers in this I guess**: I know that he technically was a lead character, but after Haynes got cast in the CW show Arrow and Jackson was written of the show after the second season I can’t think of him as a main character. As I mentioned above I hated Jackson. He was such a jerk, I know that was the point of his character so props to Haynes for making me dislike his character so much.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.29.38 AM

Daniel Sharman                                Keahu Kahuanui                     Colton Haynes

Peter Hale (Ian Bohen): Ugg. Peter makes my skin crawl. Something is off about him. Sometimes he’s helpful, but I also think it’s usually for selfish reasons. I really am not a fan of Peter and I think he makes a great villain for the show because a lot of times it’s not evident that he’s the villain. I’m waiting for him to turn once and for all.

Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver): I kind of hated the Twins when they got added to the show. I still kinda hate Aidan, but Ethan grew on me. I like that they were able to put their alpha-ness aside and kind of just appear when Scott needed their help. I like their relationships with the other characters in the show and what changes those relationships meant with other characters. That being said, Aiden is still kind of a jerk, but Ethan turned out to be pretty sweet and was the one who was always deciding to help Scott so good for him.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.37.16 AM

Ian Bohen                                   Charlie Carver                             Max Carver

There are three new supporting characters being added in the fourth season: Mason (Khylin Rambo), Garrett (Mason Dye), and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) [source], but at this time have not been introduced so I have no opinions about them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.04.50 AM

Khylin Rambo                               Mason Dye                                Dylan Sprayberry

New Episodes of Teen Wolf air Mondays at 10/9 central on MTV.

All episodes are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Free streaming is available for Amazon Prime members. As well, all episodes can be found on the MTV app according to the official Teen Wolf Tumblr.

Bottom Line: You should be watching Teen Wolf. While the show can sometimes be over the top and ridiculous, that’s part of the fun. While it can be ridiculous it can also be amazingly dramatic, emotional and heartbreaking while also showcasing humor and lightness.

This was super long, but the show took over my life.

Sorry Not Sorry,



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