I Still Have the Chance to Marry Harry

A few months ago one of my friends from home texted me that Fox was going to have a dating show like The Bachelor, but instead of an ordinary guy, the prize was going to be the heart of one Prince Harry look-a-like. My friend and I had traveled the UK together, and so it would not be a lie to say we are obsessed with everything royal, including the red-haired Prince. *swoon*

The concept made me laugh. I mean could 12 American girls be that clueless?

Apparently they can!

I watched the pilot episode and just about died. It was everything from hilarious to embarrassing. These girls truly don’t have a clue that their Prince Charming is actually an ordinary Londoner named Matt.

Speaking of Matt. Here he is on the right (with the real royal flesh and blood on the left):

images (1)

Honestly, if I were walking around London and saw Matt from a distance, my heart would explode out of my chest and onto the cobblestone streets and fish and chips places surrounding me. I would believe that he was Harry. However, after further inspection I would realize that Matt is not Harry. Matt’s face is leaner and skin is a tad bit lighter. I know the true Harry, trust me.

To a ditzy self-proclaimed “princess material” girl though, Matt is their knight in shining armor, literally.

The contestants range from the Miss LA, to a Brooklyn waitress, but 90% of them are greedy, spoiled beauty queens who will stop at nothing to get Harry’s affection, aka money. What they don’t know is that Matt doesn’t even own a car…

In concept, the show is pretty stupid. I mean, a Prince Harry look-a-like pretending to be royal to find true love? Matt’s intentions seem pure, and he truly wants to find his soulmate. He wants a girl to fall in love with him, not who they think he is. Therefore he does not tell the contestants his name, or what he does or anything like that. Logical, right?

After watching the pilot episode all of the girls think Matt is Harry (goal=accomplished), however, it also is revealed that most of them are on cloud 9 because of this. Sure, mostly all dating/reality shows dance on the fine line between real love and the idea of love based on the situation. It is tough to predict then, if by the final episode Matt finds the right girl who still loves him even though his hair is dyed and the mansion isn’t his.

Overall, I enjoyed the pilot. I laughed a lot! The girls are so oblivious that its actually funny, and isn’t American television based on humiliating people? I am truly interested in who Matt will end up picking, so I give the show a thumbs up.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“Prince Harry, Harry Potter, I don’t care!”

~a contestant

“Who else has secret service? The queen, the president, Michael Jackson.”

~a contestant

“I’ve had boyfriends that spoil me, I expect that.”

~a contestant

“I don’t care if hes prince harry or not, I want a guy who makes me feel special.”

~a (relatively smarter) contestant

“I’m a naturally competitive person, so I am going to do whatever it takes to get this man and to be a princess.”

~a contestant

“I’m awesome but at the same time I am a bitch.”

~a contestant

“My fairy tale isn’t over, its just going to be a lot less fancy than this.”

~the contestant who was sent home at the end of the night

“American girls don’t seem to have inside voices.”


And my favorite:

“There are a lot of girls in the house that are not princess material. Maggie likes to drink a lot and that’s not royal.”

~a contestant

In the mean time, I still have the chance to marry the real Harry thanks to his recent breakup. YAS!! I could be a princess one day! *swoon swoon swoon*

Just call me Mia Thermopolis!


You can catch I Wanna Marry Harry on Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX.


Disclaimer: I got these pictures from google and am using them purely for entertainment purposes.


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