The Amazingly Perfect and Wonderful Spiderman 2

Movie theaters are one of my favorite places on the earth. I love going to the movies. Even though the tickets and snacks are ridiculously over priced and the lines for the bathroom are always long, the seats are comfortable, the popcorn is the 8th wonder of the world (especially with extra butter) and it’s a great place to be hypnotized for two hours by a work of art someone took a long time to make. 

This weekend I went to the movies for the first time since coming home. I went with my little sister to the small theatre near our house-MY theatre! 

We were there to see The Amazing Spiderman 2. The first installment is one of my favorite movies, and I ultimately saw it in theaters four times, so it is safe to say that I was so dang excited to see the sequel. MORE ANDREW GARFIELD TO LOOK AT. MORE EMMA STONE WHO IS HILARIOUS AND JUST ALL AROUND PERFECT.

Soooooooo pumped. 


 So I am not going to just ramble on about what happened in the movie. Instead I am going to present an array of gif’s from the movie in addition to my wonderful opinionated comments. Here we go.


Here is Andrew himself. He is beautiful. His face makes the movie 203842308 times better. Oh, and his quote is nice too.


Wow. Those skills. Spidy can dodge those bullets with ease. Damn.

The second movie picks up pretty much where the first left off. Peter and Gwen are graduating from high school and thinking about College. *SPOILER* We find out more about Peter’s parents, specifically their deaths and the situation regarding their leaving. It was interesting to see just what Peter’s father was up to with the spiders.

This took place fairly early in the movie when Spiderman was saving certain very important Oscorp test tubes from villains in a monster size truck. However, Gwen is worried because Peter is latee to graduation…*SPOILER* Peter makes it just in time to grab his diploma and dip-kiss Gwen on stage. SWOON.


This scene was also a Spiderman-saving-everyone scene. It is set in Times Square, and stars Electro, the Oscorp under-appreciated employee turned villain. Our good ol’ Spidy saves everyone by dosing Electro with a fire hose- not before he stops a cop car from falling on a man or electricity killing some citizens. All in a day’s work.


So this scene takes place after *SPOILER* Spiderman defeats Electro with the help of none other than Gwen Stacy. However, Peter’s childhood friend and heir/new owner of Oscorp, Harry Osborne, has some beef with him. Harry wants Spiderman’s blood to cure him of the disease his father died from and that he now has. Harry uses Electro to lure Spiderman. He soon finds out that Peter is Spiderman and because he is evil (he injected the contaminated spider venom that Peter has into himself thinking it would cure him) Harry kidnaps Gwen. Here we see Spidy protect Gwen when Harry drops her above a bell tower. A big battle between Harry and Spiderman ensues while Gwen hangs by Spiderman’s web like so:

spidey saves gwen amazing spider-man 2

*SPOILER* This is the scene where Gwen dies. I know. I know. Why did she have to die?! It was a pretty sad death too. No blood, but still a lot of heartache. Peter is devastated, as expected.

I probably would have cried a lot over this scene, but in the theatre I was in there was a man with his kids who had fallen asleep and was snoring loud enough for the entire theatre to hear. Yes, the entire theatre heard him snoring. The best part was his kids didn’t try to wake him up. So here we are at the scene where Gwen dies, and then her funeral, but the whole theatre is laughing because this guy is snoring. SMH DUDE. I WAS SUPPOSED TO CRY FOR GWEN. Instead I was laughing at the fact that this guy could sleep during a movie where things…many things–like bell towers and hearts…blow up and people scream and such. Like, what?!?!


It really sucked how Gwen had to die because look at how cute they are. *SPOILER* Peter kept trying to keep her safe by breaking up with her throughout the movie, but they couldn’t stay away from each other. Geez. So precious. Those two were just as cute in this installment as they were in the first. Ugh.


Overall, I really liked the ending because after *SPOILER* five months of grieving for Gwen, Peter finally put on the suit again. It was the perfect segway to another installment of the franchise! YAY!




Disclaimer: These are not my gifs. I got them from google and am using them solely for entertainment purposes.


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