My Happy Place

Hey guys, Colleen here!

I’m here to talk about my favorite place in world. So as I mentioned in my about, I’m in a dedicated relationship with ice cream and Netflix. No ice cream takes up a more important place in my heart than the ice cream from Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown, CT. Seriously this place is the best, and I eat a lot of ice cream so I’m basically an expert on this subject.


The main reason that this place is so amazing is that it’s the last working dairy farm in Fairfield County. That’s right, the milk that makes the ice cream is taken from the cows that can be seen across the street from the ice cream stand. The ice cream is made fresh daily and trust me, you can tell. It’s creamy and amazing. They have a wide variety, with classic flavors like cookie dough and chocolate and less common ones like Elvis’ Dream (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Yum!), Grasshopper (Mint ice cream with crushed Oreo, a personal favorite) and in the fall, my all time favorite Pumpkin (seriously it’s so good). Though they have some default milkshakes already on the menu, you can make any flavor into one. Plus they have options for sundaes, floats, and ice cream soda. If ice cream isn’t your thing they have sorbet options, and even an option for dogs! Full menu can be found here.


There’s no indoor seating here, so it’s a seasonal thing, and going to school in Chicago drastically cut into my creamery time time this year. It was tragic, but not to worry, the Creamery was there with open arms to welcome me back home. Today I realized that I’d been home for over a week and I still hadn’t gone to get any, which was a serious problem. So being the mature adult that I am, I tweeted wondering how it was possible and was lucky enough to receive texts from some friends who caught the hint and we adventured over there today. I was so happy to be back and overwhelmed I couldn’t decide what to get so I went with my default of cake batter in a waffle cone:


The servings are huge, but that’s not even close to being a problem. The place has a nice farm feel as you can see the cows across the street (usually, sometimes they’re being milked so more ice cream can be made, and sometimes they’re on the same side as the creamery. One visit I walked back to my car and there was a cow standing right across from it staring at me). Sometimes if you’re lucky you can spot other animals, including some friendly cats that roam the premise (seriously, cats and ice cream this place is the greatest).

So if you’re ever in the Fairfield County/ Newtown area of Connecticut and want ice cream now you know where to go. While this was the first trip of the summer, it will most certainly not be the last and I can’t wait.

Happy Eating!



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